Affordable European Countries to Study


Affordable European Countries to Study: Aspiring students dream of studying abroad, especially in Europe, but one common question which comes to mind of them is the budget affordability. There are some options for free study in European countries but at the same time probability of visa approval along with a good financial status is required for the same. In that case, you must look forward to seeing some other European countries where you can study for free or on a very low budget without having good economical status. There are so many universities in different European countries, where you can easily go to make your dream of abroad study possible. However, your thorough research related to your course of interest, institution fees, and accordingly job placements or career opportunities after your degree plays an important role. Although there will be a part-time job option in every European country it will be a plus if your tuition fees are less or not required for example Austria, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Sweden, etc. In the same context, public Universities in some European countries offer a wide range of courses to non-European students along with good university ranking with very low tuition fees. 


In Austria, tuition fees are quite low. For non-European students, a fee ranges from 800-2000 for graduation/Post graduation courses.  There are some top-ranked Universities in Austria such as Vienna University of Technology, Medical University of Vienna, the University of Innsbruck, etc.


Belgium also has a low and an affordable university that offers a diverse range of course options (750-2500 EURO) and comes with a good alternative of courses for your choice of European countries with a low budget. Multiple options of scholarships are also available here. 


Greece is also a good option for very low tuition fees (800-2000 EURO) with top-rated Universities.


Hungary also offers study course options in top-ranked universities known globally for providing quality education at a very affordable budget (750-2200 EURO). That’s why more than 28000 students from worldwide opted to study in Hungary. 


A large number of Sweden institutions offer full scholarships or you can say tuition waivers for non-European students. Several top-rated universities charge very low tuition fees approximately 1000-2000 EURO.  A very important name in this same regard is Uppsala University, the country’s oldest university (est. in 1944) top-rated University in Northern Europe. There are several universities in Sweden that offers very low institution fees along with a scholarship.


If you want to go to a European country for higher education then Iceland is also an interesting place for the same, if we refer to the public universities of Iceland (500-3000 URO). There are universities in Iceland with a wide of courses or study options for pursuing your higher studies and they offer English-taught programmes including Sciences, Arts, Business, and also Law.

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