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Working abroad is the dream of many Indian youths. However, a major problem is the lack of information about courses and career paths that would enable them to work abroad. Opting for highly job-oriented courses is one of the best ways to get international job opportunities. But choosing the right course and the right country plays an important role in job prospects. Not all courses lead to employment in all countries. But, there are certain courses that can definitely improve job prospects in abroad. It is all about identifying the right career path with the course and country of destination. In this article, we will look at the best field of study for Indian students to get top placement in abroad selected by RMC Elite. RMC Elite is an accredited admission partner to many reputed institutes offering Degree/Diploma courses in Management, Tourism, Medicine, Hospitality, Administration, Engineering, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Food Science, and more. An excellent job opportunity has become the main concern of young aspirants today. Many students pursue degrees and post-graduate studies in various fields from abroad for a rewarding career opportunity. Students looking for short-term courses within a limited budget can now easily join different diploma programs in abroad. RMC Elite not only helps Indian students to get admission in courses like MBA, Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Food Science, and Life Sciences but also offers one-year short-term work-based study abroad in collaboration with many reputed institutes. Eligible candidates can choose the course of interest and pursue the course which ensures good job prospects. Today vocational and diploma courses have become the most preferred choice for Indian students looking for job-oriented courses. Short-term courses in tourism and hospitality management are also highly job-oriented with higher salaries with very low Fees. Students can easily pay the course fee semester-wise. The Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma program is categorized into various levels. The levels most commonly chosen are Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7. A candidate can choose the level of diploma course as per his specialization requirement. The most demanding diploma courses in tourism and hospitality management have course duration of 12 months. Other job-oriented short-term diploma courses are available in Strategic Management, Strategic Leadership, Human Resource, Logistic Supply and Chain Management. The next field of study in the same context is healthcare and pharmacy. There is a wide selection of short degree programs with employment opportunities in emergency health services, hospital administration, rehabilitation, and palliative care, including nursing and health care management. These particular courses are budget-friendly and high-paying job opportunities. Now the next field of study is life science, which is a major field with high growth and respectable research-related job opportunities worldwide. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the main area where people are looking for biomedical help. Dedicated scientists, researchers, and other research staff have render immense service to society by providing vaccine support. So there is a lot of job opportunity in this sector. The food industry is also a one of the largest in the world due to the increasing demand for food. Food industries have various roles and functions related to R&D, manufacturing and processing, QA/QC, marketing, sales, and business development. Hence, the job opportunities in this field are good. There are various opportunities for confident aspirants who undertake specialized work-based courses and can work full-time, earn income ranging from USD 2000 to USD 3000 per month depending on work experience. It can be more depending on your job description and type of company. RMC Elite helps interested students to get the best in terms of course selection and more job specific opportunities of desired course. Our experts are from diverse field’s knowledge and they can choose the best for you. Our exceptional track record in helping students study abroad is our greatest success. So book your quick free consultation session with an RMC Elite expert who can help you in growing your career.

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