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RMC Elite consistently helps students with assistance for admission, scholarship availability, placements, and many more. We help students to join undergraduate and post-graduate programs around the globe.

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Mentorship and Counseling

Our expert team guides you about the best universities’ suggestions, courses, scholarship option,s and more.

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Our team is dedicated to you in preparing international language and clearing screening tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and so on with the latest practice and curriculums.

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We place all the processes on priority such as profile assessment, filling out application forms, locking admissions, Visa preparations, and much more.

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We stand by you in terms of your safety and help you at every point until your course completion.

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Students will get the best opportunities with us that they may never get with others

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Why Study Abroad

The question that many aspirants face while starting their journey is: Why study abroad?

Study abroad is a game-changer for students’ futures, and it is the best decision of their lives. It can affect the course of your entire life, but even if your path remains the same, the global perspective you gain is invaluable. An international education improves your academic performance by complementing the courses and textbooks with practical experiences.

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Undergraduate Services

Our team is available consistently to help you with scholastic issues, our team is satisfied to help you out with any kind of scholastic counseling. We can help you to join undergraduates programs around the globe. We do our best to provide the services to all the students of all the courses.

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Postgraduates Services

Postgraduates certificate or Masters certificate, postgraduates confirmation offers understudy a high level of degree of schooling in the selected territory of education. Completing postgraduate exams assists understudies in motivating their professional prospects and their comprehension of their range of education.

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Scholorships and Funding

To make you more into studying rather than worrying about expanses of studying abroad

Scholarships for study abroad are widely available from a variety of sources. A variety of organizations and institutions provide scholarships and grants for study abroad.

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We are offering you the best Countries and best Universities to choose from

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why study abroad

Studying abroad is marvel, as you receive world class education, adapting a new culture, getting familiar to a new language and a wide range of career opportunities.

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We are one of the India’s oldest consulting firm has been providing abroad admissions for 20 years.

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“The assistance I received in the process of my application was truly helpful. The team guided me through the entire process with a lot of patience. Thank you.”
Anas Khan
Ivey Business School
“RMC Elite helped me greatly to land my dream institute. It never would have been possible for me had it not been for their steady guidance throughout. I am immensely grateful. “
Suraj Kumar
University of Sydney
“The people at RMC Elite are very helpful and patient with their students. I was satisfied with their service. It was a great experience.”
UBC Cnada