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Study in Belarus: Belarus is an independent country that lies in the eastern part of Europe, it’s located in the border zone surrounded by Russia to the northeast and east, to the south lies Ukraine, to the west it’s Poland whereas to the northwest there is Lithuania and Latvia region. Though Belarus keeps close cultural bonds with its neighbor Russia, it has a unique, proud culture of its own which is valuable too. Belarus has a lot to proffer, with, historical but modern cities, luxuriant green spaces, and friendly hospitality. Along with these, it’s also very affordable which is another chief attraction for the 6,000 or so international students who come to Belarus for further study every year.

Academic foundations here are officially authorized and acknowledged by the Belarus Ministry of Education and provide courses and programs leading to officially recognized Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs for smart and intelligent candidates. Higher education is available in Belarus centers on a system of 48 universities and colleges, with greater than six million students as well as international students included. The system has different types of degrees ranging from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, besides this non-degree programs, are also available and highly open to foreign students.

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