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Study In Romania: Romania is a country in South-East Europe. Romania sits between the Balkans and Eastern Europe, so it borders Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary, and the Black Sea. By European standards, Romania is a big country. This means that there is much to explore, see and do. Many international students find themselves in the capital Bucharest. But, unlike in many other countries, students can also find themselves elsewhere. Romania also has beautiful beaches, with great bars and views out to sea. Trains head to the seaside city of Constanta from across the country, making it a perfect destination for international students.

With a rich academic history, Romania is a beautiful country with a diverse population. Boasting fantastic natural landscapes, a combination of European cultures, and medieval castles, Romania is widely considered to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. Universities in Romania can offer international students a unique experience.

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