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About Conestoga College

Conestoga College, established in 1967, is one of Canada’s leading schools. It is one of Canada’s top 100 schools, and it has consistently been ranked first in Ontario for course teaching, student placement, and employer satisfaction. About 22,500 students attend Conestoga College’s campuses and training centers in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford, Ingersoll, and Brantford. Conestoga College is the only college in Ontario that offers the widest variety of academic and workforce development courses, including Full-Time, Part-Time, Open, Degree, Diploma, Graduation, Post-Graduation, Accelerated, Continuous, and Trade & Apprenticeship Programs.

The School of Business, Community Service, Creative Industries, Engineering & Technology, Health & Life Sciences, Applied Computer Science & Information Technology, Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Language & Communication Studies, Liberal Studies, Trade Apprenticeship, and the School of Workforce Development are among the 11 schools that offer these courses. Students have access to the most up-to-date lab and testing facilities, as well as application-based classes, field studies, and career counseling. There is one faculty member for every 127 students. The college’s faculty has been honored with several awards.

IELTS and TOEFL scores are required for admission to this college, with a minimum of 6.5 bands in IELTS and 88 in TOEFL (IBT). The campus is more than 150 acres in size and has the best facilities for academics and extracurricular activities. Student Recreation Facilities with a gymnasium, fitness centers, a running track, and health and wellness centers are available at the college. Students will play badminton, basketball, indoor soccer, rugby, outdoor soccer, volleyball, and softball at a sports complex. Conestoga College is a member of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association, all of which host intercollegiate tournaments in which Conestoga students participate.

Bookstores, dining, library facilities, and accommodation for foreign students are among the other amenities available. The accommodation given has all of the requisite facilities, including a kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, television, and Wi-Fi. Initiation courses are required for new students on campus to familiarize them with course credits, student facilities, and resources in order to help them adapt to their new surroundings. The college is very accepting of students with disabilities, whether permanent or temporary. Academic and testing accommodations, tutoring, writing, and learning skills are all provided.

Students have access to a variety of career development resources, including career coaching, career activities, and facilities such as soft skill development programs and resume and cover letter writing. Students who are interested in entrepreneurship are given a lot of help in terms of business development, competitiveness, and funding. Scholarships, bursaries, and other home awards are among the financial aid opportunities available to students at college.

The Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology was founded in 1967, one of several such institutions established by the Ontario government at the time to grant diplomas and certificates in career-related, skills-oriented programs. As the government expanded the school’s scope, namely to award degrees in technology-based fields, it was renamed in 2002.

It has grown its offerings over time, including a Master of Business Administration degree in conjunction with the University of Windsor. A new nursing program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.N.) degree is now available at the College. Accepted students in Conestoga’s Nursing Program study for the entire four years at the Doon Campus in Kitchener. McMaster University will award a degree to the program’s graduates.

Beginning in August 2003, two new programs were initiated, the first of which would offer students a degree entirely through the college. The B.Eng. Mechanical Systems Engineering program, which is completely accredited by Engineers Canada, and the B.A.Tech Architecture – Project and Facility Management programs are the two programs.

In 2005, the School of Health Sciences, Community Services, and Biotechnology launched a new Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences degree in Health Informatics Management. The college paid nearly $6 million for the former University Heights High School in Waterloo in 2006 and moved its Waterloo campus there later that year. A third B.A. Tech in Integrated Telecommunication and Computer Technology degree program was added in 2007, with the goal of designing and manufacturing embedded system hardware and software.

Kitchener – Doon campus

Conestoga’s first – and biggest – campus, Kitchener – Doon, is located just off Highway 401 at the Homer Watson Boulevard interchange. The main administrative offices of the college are situated here, as are full-time and part-time programs in a variety of fields. Full-time students will live directly across the street from the campus

Kitchener – Downtown campus

Conestoga’s new Market Square campus opened in January 2020, with nearly 1,000 students initially enrolled in business programs. As the campus becomes more mature, additional programming will be added.

Brantford Campus

The company, community services, liberal studies, and trades diploma, certificate, and graduate degree programs are available on the Brantford campus. At the Brantford Municipal Airport, Conestoga managers choose trade certificates. Students will also receive a degree and graduate certificate in four years thanks to a collaboration with Wilfrid Laurier University and its Brantford campus.

Cambridge – Downtown campus

This facility, located in downtown Cambridge, offers academic upgrading, career-focused workshops, LINC (Language Instruction for Immigrants to Canada) classes, and continuing education opportunities.

Cambridge – Fountain Street campus

The Cambridge campus opened in August 2011 and is direct across Highway 401 from the Kitchener – Doon campus. Conestoga’s School of Engineering & Technology, as well as several programs from the School of Trades & Apprenticeship and the Institute of Food Processing Technology, are housed in the 260,000 square foot building. Full-time students will live directly next to the Kitchener – Doon campus, which is around a 3-minute drive or 15-minute walk away.

Guelph campus

Conestoga’s Guelph campus, in the city’s northwest end, is a regional pioneer in motive power trades education and training, including automotive, truck and coach, heavy machinery, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles. Company Foundations, General Business, and Office Management, as well as academic upgrading and career-focused services, are available on campus. Students in Guelph’s PSW curriculum have the ability to learn in The Village of Riverside Glen’s Living Classroom.

Stratford campus

Conestoga’s Stratford site, which is located at Stratford General Hospital, offers academic upgrading, career-focused programs, and continuing education opportunities. It also has a Career Centre where the public can get help with work searching, career advice, job postings, and education and training information.

Ingersoll Skills Training Centre

In 2010, this 12,000-square-foot training center was opened. The Ingersoll Skills Training Centre was established to provide training programs in the electrical utility powerline sector, but it now offers additional power-related programs as well as skilled trades programs that complement the industry. It is the only facility in the southern part of the world.

Waterloo campus

The Waterloo campus of the John W. Tibbits College offers a variety of programs in professional trades, hospitality and culinary arts training, computer and communications technology, academic upgrading, English Language Studies, and career-focused programs. A dedicated Masonry Centre, Roofing Skills Training Centre, HRAC (Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning) Training Centre, and Bloom, a full-service restaurant run by Conestoga’s hospitality and culinary students, are among the campus amenities. Full-time students will live directly across the street from the Kitchener – Doon campus, which is around a 20-minute drive away.

Conestoga College has nine academic and training centers in the region.

  1. The 12,000-square-foot Ingersoll Training Center offers training in electrical utilities and power-related activities, as well as skilled trades programs.
  2. The company, community services, liberal studies, and trades diploma, certificate, and graduate degree programs are available on the Brantford campus.
  3. Academic enhancement, career-focused classes, and continuing education opportunities are all available at the Stratford campus.
  4. A dedicated Masonry Center, Roofing Skill Training Center, HRAC Training Center, and a full-service restaurant are all located on the Waterloo campus.
  5. Bloom, a student-run restaurant, a child care center, a rec center, and a bookstore are all available on the Conestoga campuses.
  6. Conestoga College’s main campus is located in Doon Valley, Kitchener. Student housing is available on the main campus for students. The main campus is where the majority of the institute’s courses are taught.

These are the courses offered:

  1. 3D Computer Animation
  2. Academic Upgrading
  3. Administrative Business Management
  4. Advanced Police Studies
  5. Advertising and Marketing Communication
  6. Agricultural Equipment Operator
  7. Animation
  8. Applied Electrical Motion and Control Ma…
  9. Applied Energy Management
  10. Applied Manufacturing Management
  11. Applied Network Infrastructure and System
  12. Applied Research (Optional Co-op)
  13. Architecture – Construction Engineering
  14. Autism and Behavioural Science
  15. Automotive Service Technician
  16. Aviation – General Arts and Science
  17. Bachelor of Applied Health Information
  18. Bachelor of Applied Technology (Honours)
  19. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
  20. Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
  21. Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice
  22. Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)
  23. Bachelor of Design (Honours)
  24. Bachelor of Early Learning Program
  25. Bachelor of Engineering – Building System
  26. Bachelor of Engineering – Electronic System
  27. Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Sys
  28. Bachelor of Engineering – Power Systems
  29. Bachelor of Environmental Public Health
  30. Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)
  31. Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours)
  32. Baking and Pastry Arts
  33. Baking and Pastry Arts Management
  34. Bartending
  35. Big Data Solution Architecture (Optional)
  36. Biotechnology Technician
  37. Bookkeeping
  38. Brick and Stone Mason (Apprenticeship)
  39. Broadcast – Radio
  40. Broadcasting – Television, and Independent
  41. Broadcasting Performance and Digital
  42. Business
  43. Business – Finance
  44. Business – Insurance (Optional Co-op)
  45. Business – International Business
  46. Business – Marketing
  47. Business – Marketing – Accelerated
  48. Business – Purchasing
  49. Business Administration-Accounting
  50. Business Administration – Management
  51. Business Administration – Marketing
  52. Business Analytics
  53. Business Development and Sales
  54. Business Fundamentals
  55. Cabinetmaker (Apprenticeship)
  56. Career Development Professional
  57. Carpentry and Renovation Technician
  58. Civil Engineering Technology (Optional)
  59. Community and Social Service Management
  60. Community Integration Through Co-operation
  61. Computer Application Security (Optional)
  62. Computer Applications Development
  63. Computer Engineering Technology (Optional)
  64. Computer Programming
  65. Computer Programming and Analysis
  66. Computer Systems Technician – Information
  67. Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
  68. Construction Foundations
  69. Construction Management (Optional)
  70. Construction Project Management
  71. Construction Techniques – Brick and Stone
  72. Construction Techniques (Carpentry)
  73. Cook I (Apprenticeship)
  74. Cook II (Apprenticeship)
  75. Culinary Management (Co-op)
  76. Culinary Skills (Co-op)
  77. Data Processing and Reporting
  78. Design Foundations
  79. Diploma Registered Practical Nurse
  • Early Childhood Education
  1. Educational Support
  2. Electrical Engineering Technician
  3. Electrical Engineering Technology (Optional)
  4. Electrical Technician – Industrial (Optional)
  5. Electrical Techniques
  6. Electrician – Construction, and Maintenance
  7. Electrician – Industrial (Apprenticeship)
  8. Electro-Mechanical and Automation
  9. Electronics Engineering Technician
  10. Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional)
  11. Embedded Systems Development (Optional)
  12. Energy Systems Engineering Technology
  13. English for Academic Studies
  14. Enhanced Nursing Practice – Clinical
  15. Enhanced Practice for Internationally Education
  16. Enhanced Professional Practice – Gerontology
  17. Enterprise Content Management
  18. Environmental – Civil Engineering Technology Environmental Building Sciences
  19. Environmental Engineering Applications
  20. Esthetician
  21. Event Management
  22. Financial Planning Services
  23. Financial Technology
  24. Fitness and Health Promotion
  25. Food and Beverage Management – Hotel …
  26. Food Processing Technician (Optional)
  27. Food Safety and Quality Assurance – Food
  28. Food Service Worker
  29. Game – Design
  30. General Arts and Science – Diploma Option
  31. General Arts and Science – One Year
  32. General Arts and Science: English Language
  33. General Carpenter (Apprenticeship)
  34. General Machinist (Apprenticeship)
  35. Global Business Management
  36. Global Hospitality Management (Optional)
  37. Graphic Design
  38. Health Care Administration and Service
  39. Health Office Administration
  40. Hearing Instrument Specialist
  41. Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  42. Heavy Construction Equipment Operation
  43. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
  44. Hospitality Operations – Food and Beverage
  45. Human Resources Management (Optional)
  46. Human Services Foundation
  47. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
  48. Information Technology Business Analysis
  49. Information Technology Business Analysis
  50. Information Technology Infrastructure
  51. Information Technology Network Security
  52. Instrumentation and Control Technician
  53. Intensive English Language for Academic
  54. Interactive Media Management – Interaction
  55. Interior Decorating
  56. Internet Applications and Web Development
  57. IT Innovation and Design (Optional Co-op)
  58. Journalism
  59. Language Instruction for Newcomers
  60. Machine Tool Builder and Integrator
  61. Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  62. Mechanical Engineering Technician
  63. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  64. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  65. Mechanical Technician – CNC
  66. Mechanical Techniques – Industrial Miller
  67. Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing
  68. Mechanical Techniques – Precision Machi
  69. Media Foundations
  70. Medical Office Practices
  71. Mental Health and Substance Use
  72. Mobile Solutions Development
  73. Motive Power Fundamentals
  74. Motive Power Technician Motive Power Technician – Heavy Duty Equipment
  75. Motive Power Techniques – Motorcycle
  76. Motive Power Techniques – Truck
  77. Motorcycle Technician (Apprenticeship)
  78. Network Technical Support
  79. Nursing – BScN (McMaster)
  80. Nutrition and Food Service Management
  81. Occupation Specific Language Training
  82. Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness
  83. Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physician
  84. Office Administration – Executive
  85. Office Administration – Legal
  86. Operations Leadership in Food Manufacture
  87. Packaging Engineering Technician (Optional)
  88. Paramedic
  89. Personal Support Worker
  90. Personal Support Worker – FAST Delivery
  91. Personal Support Worker – International
  92. Plumber (Apprenticeship)
  93. Police Foundations
  94. Power Engineering Techniques – 3rd Class
  95. Power Engineering Techniques – 4th Class
  96. Powerline Technician (Optional Co-op)
  97. Practical Nursing
  98. Pre-Apprenticeship Truck and Coach
  99. Pre-Apprenticeship Welder
  100. Predictive Analytics
  101. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advancement
  102. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificate
  103. Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training
  104. Process Operator – Food Manufacturing
  105. Process Quality Engineering
  106. Production GMAW Welder
  107. Professional Cheese Making
  108. Project Management
  109. Protection, Security, and Investigation
  110. Public Relations
  111. Public Relations – Integrated Communication
  112. Public Service (Optional Co-op)
  113. Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management
  114. Recreation and Leisure Services
  115. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System
  116. Renewable Energy Techniques (2021-2022)
  117. Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installation
  118. Respiratory Therapy
  119. Robotics and Industrial Automation (Optional)
  120. Roofer (Apprenticeship)
  121. Social Service Worker
  122. Software Engineering Technician
  123. Software Engineering Technology (Optional)
  124. Software Quality Assurance and Test Engineering
  125. Strategic Global Business Management
  126. Strategic Marketing Communications
  127. Structural Packaging Design and Management
  128. Structural Steel Management and Detailing
  129. Supply Chain Management – Global
  130. Sustainable Business Management (Optional)
  131. Teaching English as a Second Language
  132. Technical Communication (Optional Co-op)
  133. Technology Foundations
  134. Tool And Die Maker (Apprenticeship)
  135. Tourism – Destinations and Travel Management
  136. Truck and Coach Technician (Apprenticeship)
  137. Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  138. Visual Merchandising Arts
  139. Web Design and Development
  140. Web Development (formerly: Web Design
  141. Web Development and Internet Application
  142. Welder (Apprenticeship)
  143. Welding and Fabrication Technician
  144. Welding Engineering Technician – Robotics
  145. Welding Engineering Technology – Inspection
  146. Welding Techniques
  147. Welding Techniques – Metal Fabrication
  148. Wireless Network Infrastructur
  149. Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) General
  150. Woodworking Technician
  151. Woodworking Techniques – CNC
  152. Woodworking Technology (Optional Co-op)

Conestoga College in Canada provides a work-study program to help students pay for their college education. Many foreign students can study in Canada with ease and comfort thanks to the work-study scheme. Students who choose to enroll in the Conestoga College Work-Study Program must prove a financial need as defined by Student Financial Services.

Conestoga College has sponsored a variety of work-study positions, some of which are listed below:

  1. Peer Teacher – Availability Services
  2. Sales/Operations Worker at a bookstore.
  3. Learning Commons – Marketing Intern, Peer Tutors, Math Mentors.
  4. Office Technology Assistant IT Services – Help Desk, Software/Hardware Support, Lab Monitor
  5. Student Life Centre Information Desk, Student Engagement Promotions Assistant, Respect Leaders, and Orientation Interns are all part of the Student Engagement Department.
  6. Technicians – Trades and Apprenticeships

Conestoga College Accommodation:

  1. The Doon and Cambridge campuses are both within walking distance of the Conestoga residence.
  2. On both campuses, there is a dedicated shuttle service.
  3. The residences are equipped with all of the comforts of home, including a telephone, Wi-Fi connection, TV, refrigerator, and kitchenette with a microwave.
  4. There are two styles of rooms in the residences: suite design and open plan.
  5. Before being admitted into the program, candidates must apply for admission.
  6. Students must pay a non-refundable processing fee of $100 USD when applying for a residential facility. The residence fees do not include this charge.
  7. Conestoga College offers two styles of on-campus housing to its students: two-bedroom open concept style and two-bedroom suite-style. Students may also use, which is recommended by the university, to find off-campus accommodation.
  • Conestoga College welcomes students from all over the world for admission to more than 200 certificate, diploma, degree, and post-graduate programs. It is one of Canada’s top universities, with a moderately selective admissions process that puts a heavy focus on academic achievement and English language test scores.
  • Candidates should be aware of the following points when applying for admission to Conestoga College.
  1. Students interested in attending a college in Ontario may apply online via the Ontario college application portal.
  2. Students may apply to up to five separate programs from various Ontario colleges, with a limit of three from any one institution.
  3. Before February 1, students must apply their applications.
  4. After February, applications are still processed, but on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Before applying, students must ensure that they fulfill the college’s basic course requirements or their foreign equivalencies.
  6. If the basic criteria are not met, Conestoga College offers many preparatory programs.
  7. Depending on the position and affiliation of your institutions, applicants must submit their transcripts directly, electronically, or via their previous institutions.
  • At the student portal, students will apply for awards and scholarships. The deadlines for autumn, winter, and spring term awards submissions are October, February, and June, respectively.
  • Conestoga College has nearly 7,000 foreign students from 80 countries among its 16,500 full-time students (2020).
  • Although domestic applicants are given preference for some classes, foreign students who meet the eligibility requirements and demonstrate outstanding academic ability still have a good chance of being admitted to Conestoga College.
  • Basic Admission Requirements:
  1. Students must build an account on the Ontario foreign application portal to submit an international application.
  2. Students may apply to up to five classes, but no more than three at any one time.
  3. Applicants must submit their transcripts and upload the relevant documents to the Ontario application center. It’s important to remember that transcripts should not be sent to Conestoga College directly.
  4. International students must also request reports from approved evaluation websites such as the International Certification Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS) or World Education Services (WES). Depending on the software, one might be preferred over the other. As a result, applicants can double-check their target program’s criteria.
  5. Students who must apply a portfolio or participate in a Skype interview can experience longer processing times.
  • Documents required:
  1. Copies of passports and identification papers
  2. Initial transcripts, as well as translations if they are not in English.
  3. Students may also be expected to send official transcripts directly from their educational institutions to the college.
  4. Report on the evaluation of credentials.
  5. Test results for English proficiency.
  6. Permission to research.
  • International students must submit an application through a different Ontario international is the application portal.
  • 100 CAD is the application fee.

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