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About George Mason University

George Mason University is a public research university in Fairfax, Virginia, in the United States. It began as a branch of the University of Virginia in 1957 and became independent in 1972. The university is named after George Mason, an American founding father, and Virginia statesman.

George Mason University has about 39,000 students enrolled as of 2021, including over 34,000 undergraduates and over 5,000 graduate students. Around 200 degree programs are available through the university’s ten colleges, including the College of Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Commerce, the School of Engineering, and the Antonin Scalia Law School.

George Mason University is well-known for its outstanding economics, law, public policy, and computer science programs. It also houses several research institutions and centers, such as the Mercatus Center, the Center for the Study of Public Choice, and the Institute for Immigration Research.

The university’s student body is varied, and it offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including over 300 student clubs, club sports, and intramural sports. Its main campus is in Fairfax, Virginia, about 20 miles outside of Washington, D.C.

In comparison to many other colleges in the United States, George Mason University has a very brief history, yet it has had a tremendous impact on higher education in Virginia and the nation as a whole.

The university was established in 1957 as a branch of the University of Virginia to enhance its educational offerings in northern Virginia. The branch was known as the Northern Virginia University Center of the University of Virginia at the time, and it was housed in a rented office facility in Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia.

The Virginia General Assembly passed legislation in 1972 that established George Mason University as a separate institution of higher learning from the University of Virginia.

Why Study at George Mason University – Fairfax

There are several strong reasons to think about attending George Mason University:

  • Academic Programs: George Mason University has nearly 200-degree programs in a variety of areas, including highly ranked programs in economics, computer science, public policy, and law. The university’s emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration also allows students to explore and integrate varied academic interests.

George Mason University is located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Fairfax, Virginia. This gives students access to a wide range of internship and work opportunities, as well as cultural and recreational events in the nation’s capital.

  • Diversity & Inclusion: George Mason University is committed to making all students feel welcome and included.
  • Possibilities for Research: George Mason University is a research-intensive university with numerous research centers and institutes focusing on themes such as economics, public policy, and immigration.
  • Campus Life: George Mason University has a thriving campus community, with over 300 student groups and a wide range of cultural and recreational events. In addition, the university offers a highly-ranked Division I athletic department and cutting-edge leisure facilities.

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