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Harvard University is the oldest and most well-known university in the United States, having been established in 1636. The University’s most well-known landmark is a statue of John Harvard, the College’s first patron, which stands in front of University Hall in Harvard Yard. This Ivy League university has a 375-year history not only in the United States but also around the world. In addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard has 12 degree-granting colleges. Since its establishment in the mid-1600s, the University has expanded from nine students with a single master’s degree to over 20,000-degree applicants, including undergraduate, graduate, and technical students.

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on a 5457-acre campus. Cambridge, one of metropolitan Boston’s most prominent urban centers, is organized around ancient city greens, tree-lined squares, and the sedgy banks of the Charles River. Harvard is situated in the heart of Cambridge, offering direct access to the city’s eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Cambridge is a member of Boston’s vast public transportation system. You can easily get wherever you want to go with buses, cabs, and a subway stop right in the heart of Harvard Square. The field is just a 12-minute ride from downtown Boston.

Harvard has over 2.79 lakh alumni in the United States and 59,000 alumni in 202 countries. It has over 10,400 academic appointments in affiliated teaching hospitals and over 2,400 world-class faculty members. Harvard has been home to 48 Nobel Laureates, 32 heads of state, and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners as teachers, faculty, or scholars.

Why Study In Harvard University

Harvard College’s mission is to educate people and citizen-leaders for our society. We do so by believing in the transformative potential of a liberal arts and sciences education.

Students embark on a journey of intellectual development that starts in the classroom with exposure to new concepts, new ways of learning, and new ways of knowing. Intellectual change is deepened and conditions for social transformation are generated in a diverse living environment, where students live with people who are learning different subjects, who come from different walks of life, and who have changing identities.

We hope that as a result of this, students can begin to shape their lives by deciding what they want to do with their gifts and abilities, analyzing their beliefs and interests, and exploring how they can better serve the world.

The benchmark for residential liberal arts and sciences education is set by Harvard College. We’ve committed to developing and maintaining the conditions that enable all Harvard College students to embark on an intellectually, socially, and personally transformative educational journey.

When you enroll at Harvard College, you become a part of the country’s oldest higher education institution’s rich past. Harvard has changed drastically since its founding in 1636, but it has still been a refuge for the world’s most ambitious scholars and leaders.

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